How Todd Lubar is Helping Revive Baltimores’ Real Estate Market

Baltimore got hit hard by the housing market’s collapse of 2008. The government and the private sector have in recent times partnered up to breathe new life into this once vibrant industry. Today, the number of houses facing foreclosures has gone down by a whopping 7%. Property prices are also headed north.

Current Median Home Prices

In the wake of the housing market woes, the authorities in Baltimore saw it fit to revise their housing rules. The changes worked brilliantly. In the financial year ending May 2016, Baltimore and the five adjacent counties experienced an average surge of up to 6% in home prices. Homes now cost an average $243,000, and this is the best price since the mishaps of ’08.

Robust Networks

Todd Lubar is one of the main players in this industries impressive comeback. Todd’s investing passion coupled with his genuine desire to help people make their home ownership dreams come true has transformed him into one of the most sought out after consultants in Baltimore area and beyond. Over the years, he’s forged powerful allegiances with the experts in the sector. Those networks have enabled him to make huge strides in learning the industry.

In 1999, he started working for the Legacy Financial Group. That opportunity saw him master the art of brokering loans and mortgages to consumers. With time, he quit that job and went on to found, Legacy Properties, LLC, a company specializing in selling refurbished housing units. Later, he set up Charter Funding.

Affordable Home Loans

His interactions with the consumers led him to a shocking realization. He discovered that many residents of Baltimore were unable to raise the necessary capital to purchase their first home. Banks and other conventional lenders had locked many folks from accessing home loans. Consequently, he came up with alternative funding options to enable the disadvantaged lot to get a home.

About Todd Lubar

Todd’s an alumnus of the Syracuse University. He graduated with a BA degree in Speech Communication. His first job was as at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd attended the Sidwell Friends School based in D.C and the Peddie School in New Jersey for his high school learning. You can connect with Todd Lubar via his Twitter and Facebook page.

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