The Copa Star, 5 Star Hospital that Surpasses Expectations

Hospital Copa Star is making waves as a 5-star hospital with all the amenities that a class AA patient would want. The new unit has a street piano and walls depicting the works of Yutaka Toyota. The tables are adorned with art books, leather sofas, woody notes and unique fragrance that make you forget for a moment that you are in a hospital. There is a menu at the reception desk with meals prepared by Chef Roland Villard and cuisine by Steve Moreillon, both renowned chefs globally. The hotel is a perfect depiction of a 5-star hotel with some of the most technologically advanced treatment facilities. The concept was designed to provide patients that would often seek high-end medical attention out of San Paulo. The Hospital Copa Star specializes in complex neurology and cardiology operations with nine operating rooms. Three of these have been named as hybrids with resonance and hemodynamic apparatus that expose the patient to real-time body exams while the surgery is going on. This was set up under the watchful eye of Paulo Niemeyer costing more than $1 million. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.

One of the most alluring concepts of the hospital is the attention to detail both at a medical and luxury level. Patients are shielded from seeing stretchers and trolleys with hospital supplies thanks to three separate elevators providing flow for all utilities. The beds have inflammable mattresses that can be set to the patient’s specifications with an iPad next to the bed for contacting specialists. The room is also automated right from the curtains, beds, and ambiance using the same tablet.

The patient also has access to any of the specialist and can get all exam results at the click of a button. The people responsible reiterate that this is the first of many high-end hospitals with others being scheduled to be built in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. The huge hospital holds 155 in-patient suites that are nothing like any hospital room and an impressive 59 ICU centers within the building. The people confined to the ICUs will use special effects windows that will use cameras from the streets to provide the same view. This has been developed to deal with the confinement Syndrome among the patients.

The hospital is also devoid of any smells including ethers and cleaning detergents. The architecture allows natural light to every bed and works of art have been set up on walls at every side. The hospital staff is made up of 550 professionals inclusive of 113 physicians. All the attendants have gone through a rigorous behavioral training that was aided by real actors. These presented real life situations and trained the nurses and doctors on how to attend to the situations in their unique settings. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.