Bob Reina Gets People

Many people would not be surprised if it turned out that Bob Reina was an arrogant man. However, that is not the case at all with him even after all of the success he has had with Talk Fusion, which he created and founded back in 2007. He is still the same humble man that started the company ten years later. The only thing different now is he is in more of a position of power, so because of this, he is able to help out other people, which is truly why he started Talk Fusion in the first place. Bob Reina is all about helping people and giving back to as many people as humanely possible.Learn more :


Bob Reina knows a lot of people out there need help and they need assistance. They are stuck in a rut and it happens to even great minds and great people. Sometimes they get stuck in a job they don’t like or they get stuck in a position where they really can’t do anything to fix it. They have fallen on hard times, but they don’t need to worry because Bob Reina is here to pick them up, help them up, and show them the proper way to live their lives.Learn more :


They know they are capable of more, so much more, but life has just left them drained, beat up, and worn out. They have been working a job that is simply just not for them. They have tried to make the most of it and they have tried to put a positive spin on it, as they know it is best for their mental health and the best way to go about it. However, in each person’s life, there comes a point where they simply can’t fake it anymore. They don’t have anything left in them to fake.Learn more :



That is why they need to hop on board with the award-winning Talk Fusion and all of its great video features and start their own company. They will truly be in shock and awe at how their life transforms before their very eyes.



A Look At Eva Moskowitz’s Background And Career

Eva Moskowtiz’s Educational Background And Published Works

Eva Moskowitz attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for undergraduate studies. She then studied at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Eva completed a degree in American history there. Her published works include a book called In Therapy We Trust: America’s Obsession with Self-Fulfillment that was published in 2001 by John Hopkins University Press. Eva Moskowitz’s second published book is called Mission Possible: How the Secrets of Success Academies Can Work in Any School. It was co-authored with Arin Lavinia and published in 2012.


Moskowitz’ first book, In Therapy We Trust: America’s Obsession with Self-Fulfillment takes a historical look at the way Americans are viewing and treating issues through a psychological lens. It details the evolution of psychological counseling, self help, radio talk shows and other measures of happiness through a psychological perspective that is becoming increasingly common place in our society. Her second book called Mission Possible: How the Secrets of Success Academies Can Work in Any School describes the tactics and methods she uses at her own Success Academies to boost the performance of the students there. It then offers tips and advice on how teachers outside of Success Academies can use a similar curriculum or tactics to improve their own student performance.


A Brief Look At The Career Of Eva Moskowitz


Eva Moskowitz presently serves as the chief executive officer of the Success Academy network of charter schools. She created this charter school program in 2006. Success Academy Charter Schools is currently the biggest and highest scoring public charter school in the state of New York. Eva Moskowtiz oversees 41 schools in the Success Academy charter achool group. Her schools mostly serve minority and poor students in the New York City area.




Dr. Cameron Clokie: The Oral And Maxillofacial Expert

Cameron Clokie is an all in one package. He is a surgeon and researcher who also has a knack for business. He is someone who is extremely well known in the professional field for his skill and expertise. He is known to be an ace surgeon who is said to have the ability to perform even the most intricate of procedures with relative ease. Currently, Dr. Cameron Clokie is at the peak of his career, as he is the CEO of a large company.

The company that Dr. Cameron Clokie heads is called Induce Biologics. Induce Biologics seemed to be an incredibly apt fit for Dr. Cameron Clokie as it was right in the area that he wanted to divulge into.

He is someone who had lots of experience working with patients and treating them, and hence decided it was necessary to take the next big step in his career and head an organization that was focused on improving the medical field. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Dr. Cameron Clokie has been working in the medical field for almost three decades, during which he has gained a tremendous amount of experience in the different sectors of medicine that he operates in.

The number of surgeries that he has performed is extremely extensive, which is why he is such a sought after doctor. The central area that Dr. Cameron Clokie works in is the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, and he is extremely renowned in the industry for it.

Because he has worked for so many years in the field, he saw it ideal to work as a professor to be able to give the new generation of surgeons the knowledge and expertise that he possesses. Dr. Cameron Clokie is one of the most esteemed professors at the University of Toronto’s surgical division. He has taught a large number of students and has groomed them to be good surgeons. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Hospital Information and Nearby Florists

Dr. Cameron Clokie is also known for the extensive amount of research that he has conducted in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. His research is referenced by doctors all over the world, who use his new methodology to treat the patients coming to them.

Canadian Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Cameron Clokie

Dr. Cameron Clokie, in charge of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto, is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, scientist and serial entrepreneur. He is mostly known for researching and performing a new method of bone regeneration implant surgery on patients in Canada.

Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., which is a regenerative medicine company that specializes on innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. In 1988, Clokie was made Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery before working at the University of Toronto where he retired this year. His focus stays mainly on the ability to improve oral and facial bone implants for patients.

Dr. Clokie’s work has helped patients in need regrow bones including the jawbone. This fundamental goal to develop bio-implants will eventually replace the need for autogenous bone grafts. This was done by using a protein that can manipulate stem cells into new bone tissue. The protein was put into a jel similar to putty that liquifies in the freezer and solidifies in warmer temperatures. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Hospital Information and Nearby Florists

This is a technique that will reset the jaw’s skeletal clock. He states that this is an embryonic state of bone generation. With one patient in particular that had lost part of their jawbone to a tumor, an identical jawbone was regrown to replace the jawbone they had lost. The operation left only a slight scaring.

Dr. Cameron Clokie’s new technique to molding and regrowing bones can help future patients in need. He now has many publications as well as lectured internationally on a variety of topics related to oral healthcare.

These lectures and publications include the future of Dentistry, Oral andMaxillofacial Surgery, bone regeneration, and University related technology transfer. Patients who endure bone loss can be comforted in knowing the possibility of replacing those bones with an identical bone.

Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Discover How Bernardo Chua Is Building A World Class Business

Bernardo Chua envisioned introducing as many people as possible to Ganoderma Lucidium, which he achieved by founding ORGANO GOLD, now rebranded as ORGANO.

Using the direct selling business model, Chua equipped distributors in more than 50 countries with the knowledge to promote the benefits of ORGANO’s Ganoderma-infused gourmet coffees, teas and health-related products to people with active lifestyles.

Chua had experience with network marketing at Gano Excel, where he achieved the title of president of Gano Excel in North America. In 2015, ORGANO received the People’s Choice Award, Number One Global Network Marketing Company, in the Philippines, while Chua won the title Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Founded in 2008 Vancouver, British Columbia, ORGANO maintains their headquarters in Vancouver; however, Bernado Chua is leading a global expansion effort. ORGANO entered Brazil in late 2016; now ORGANO operates in 51 countries.

CEO Bernardo Chua said “ORGANO continues its Latin America expansion with our premium coffee products, competing head-to-head with specialty coffees in one of the richest coffee growing continents in the world.” With ORGANO’s expansion, comes the opportunity for Brazilians to become distributors of ORGANO and operate their own business.

ORGANO also opened an office in United Arab Emirates in 2016; initially the company will only sell their coffee, green tea and hot chocolate. Chua is not stopping with the UAE, “Our offices in Dubai are a strategic statement as the City is the entry point into the UAE as well as the Middle East,” he stated.

In each country where ORGANO operates, Bernardo Chua ensures that ORGANO upholds the principles of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, with which ORGANO enjoys an exclusive collaboration.

According to PR Newswire, when Bernado Chua accepted ORGANO’s Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award from the foundation in 2014, he stated, “When we created Organo Gold, we set out to redefine network marketing.” ORGANO’s distributors would agree; Chua provides a business opportunity with a generous compensation plan for individuals who strive for financial freedom.

EOS: A Firm With a Fun Product

There is an interesting article on the Fast Company website about how fledgling company Evolution of Smooth (EOS, has created a line of lip balm products that have become the choice of the younger, trend-setting generation in the past few years. The story of the firm’s success shows how a new product can be created and do well even when most people don’t even see a market for it.

Traditionally, the lip balm market was dominated by Chapstick, but EOS lip balm figured out that – although the brand has sold well for years – consumers, especially women, weren’t all that happy with it. For starters, the cylindrical Chapstick tubes often got lost in purses and when found were frequently covered with lint. Furthermore, Chapstick had an antiseptic taste that women associated with medicine rather than fun.

Therefore, EOS lip balm created a product that was designed to appeal to women. They changed the clunky cylinder shape to an elegant round one that opens and closes with a smooth and pleasant-sounding click, and they replaced the mouthwash taste with a fruity one. Basically, they crafted a product that worked as well or better than Chapstick and was much more aesthetically pleasing in every way. EOS lip balm did well from the start – the celebrity endorsements that it attracted didn’t hurt – and promises to do so well into the future. Today the products are available on major retail stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and Costco.

Mike Baur Start Up Factory

There are many people today who have the desire to start up a company. The problem is that this is an expensive endeavor that can cost a lot of money. During his time in business, Mike Baur has worked hard to learn how to work to add value to other people. Not only that, but he has partnered with new business owners to learn what they need from him in order to make the right decisions. Over the long term, he is the type of person who is going to make a difference for others. Mike Baur is a great leader in the world of business, and learning from him at his start up factory is one of the best things that you can do if you want to start a company of your own.


Mike Baur


When Mike Baur started out in the world of business, there were a lot of people who doubted that he would be able to achieve things at a high level. Not only that, but he is the type of person who wants to help others in a variety of ways. He believes that business is one of the best ways to make a difference in the lives of other people. Mike Baur is one of the best minds in business because he actually has experience starting a business and building it from there. A lot of people in the world of business do not have this experience, and that is why new people in the field should learn from him.


Financial Planning


In the world of financial planning, there are many things that you need to work on in order to have success at a high level. Not only that, but there are things that you need to understand before borrowing venture capital or going into debt. Business is about making money at the end of the day. If you can figure out a way to do that, you are on your way to success. The problem that many people have is that they try to expand their business to quickly. If you do that, you are going to have a lot of issues over the long term for many reasons. Not only is it going to stretch your capital allocation, but you are going to be stressed as well. Learning from Mike Baur can help you fix these types of mistakes on the front end.