The Career of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg works in New York as an ‘executive recruitment lead‘ for Deutsche Bank. She is also the lead in talent acquisition for the bank. Julie joined the bank in early 2014 and has been working with there since.


Julie is a graduate of the ‘City University of New York’. She studied philosophy at the university. Julie would later enroll for another degree at ‘New York Law School’. She graduated with a ‘doctor of jurisprudence degree’.

In the early years of her career, Julie was keen on management issues and was good in this area. She was also good in conflict resolution, planning succession and training of employees. Julie is very keen on developments in her industry. She is particularly passionate about matters of technology and ensures she goes toe to toe with changes in technology in her field of expertise.

Career Moves

Julie’s work with Hudson was her first formal employment that helped her grow her talent and skills. She was the ‘director of candidate placement’. At Hudson, she stayed 5 years and was charged with hiring case managers, recruiting attorneys and also orienting paralegal staff. She worked with man y clients ranging from corporations, small businesses and individuals. Her conflict resolution skills were also sought while at Hudson.

When Zuckerberg left Hudson, she went to ‘Citi Global Functions’ where she worked as vice president and the main recruiter. In this role she dealt with compliance matters and was also responsible for auditing. She was with ‘Citi Global Functions’ until 2011 when she was promoted to ‘Citi Global Consumer Bank’.

Long before joining Deutsche Bank, Julie was working at ‘New York Life Insurance Company‘. Her role in this company was similar to the role she occupied while at Hudson. She facilitated the acquisition of human resource form global markets. Julie’s skill set that include leadership, conflict resolution and management have positioned her for success in her industry.


Julie Zuckerberg loves technology and spends a lot of time deciphering t his technology and the other. She also loves the arts and photography. Julie likes keeping fit: she runs in her free time. Animal welfare is something Zuckerberg feels passionately about. She likes the idea of social media, yet she is somewhat shy.


Julie is not just good in management; she is talented in resolving conflicts. She is a good training professional with enviable coaching skills. Her inclination to the tech world makes her very familiar with changes in technology making her an authority of sorts in the area. Julie is also a leader in her own right as she works in leadership roles and delivers. While at work, she promotes others as is seen in her decision to let other employees conduct the recruitment process as she observes and assists where needed.


Julie likes to help others whenever she can. Giving she has learned is not a loss to the one who gives, it is in fact gain some. Julie volunteers her time and effort for the welfare of animals. She is also a civil rights champion and feels good volunteering for human rights related causes. In giving, Julie finds, one learns a lot and grows in knowledge and spirit.


OSI Industries: The Result Of An Immigrant’s Dream

OSI Industries began as a small meat market in the Chicago, Illinois area. Otto Kolshowsky was an immigrant from Germany who had a vision from the very beginning. He started his company with a simple business model. Over time Otto and Sons evolved into the number one meat supplier for all other food business in the local region. He was able to turn supermarkets and restaurants into loyal clients. This technique helped Otto and Sons build a solid reputation the food industry.

Success continued for Otto and Sons. By the 1950s, Otto Kolschowsky’s Sons had taken over the business. They got the attention of Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the head of the growing McDonald’s franchise. He was looking to move into the Illinois region and needed a meat supplier that could handle his level of output. At this time McDonald’s used hundreds of meat suppliers throughout the country in order to satisfy their huge consumer demands. Otto and Sons began as one of the many contractors. However, they would separate themselves as a forward thinking organization that assisted McDonald’s in it’s enormous growth. They introduced several innovations such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers in order to help McDonald’s run a more efficient operation. The cryogenic freezing chambers allowed Otto and Sons to maintain large amounts of inventory that would be readily available and able to ship to any destination. The patty cutting machine empowered the huge restaurant chain as they continued to develop more franchises across the country. Before long McDonald’s became an international organization. Otto and Sons was its exclusive meat supplier by this time.

Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries and continued to expand its influence on the food industry. It was listed by Forbes magazine as the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States. OSI Industries holds a diversified client base that includes Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and the Subway. The company has implemented a very intricate set of hiring practices that allows them to operate in every region of the world. They recruit talent in the Asian-Pacific, Poland, Hungary, the Americas and the United Kingdom.

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The Excellent Career And Stock Advice Of Investor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly used to be a hedge fund manager and spent twenty years working on Wall Street. He was the winner of an investment competition in 2009 and created $88 million from a $50 million investment. This occurred during the time of the severe financial crisis.

Mr. Mampilly went to Banyan Hill Publishing to establish Profits Unlimited. He wanted to be a guide to show Americans how to make money on investment opportunities. He sends out a newsletter every month so he is able to recommend stocks to his subscribers. He provides updates and tracking information on his website. His subscribers are doing quite well with his recommended stocks.

Paul Mampilly has been featured on numerous newscasts and in many articles. He takes his experience, skill and knowledge from Wall Street to help 60,000 subscribers with stock information. Although he was born in India his career started after he came to the United States. He looked to Wall Street and quickly joined the ranks. In 1991 he was an assistant researcher with Deutsche Bank. Shortly afterwards he was in charge of multimillion dollar accounts.

The Kinetics International Fund recruited him for a hedge fund valued at $6 billion. His leadership caused a dramatic upswing in the assets of the firm and caused him to be named as one of the best hedge fund managers in the world. His history regarding his personal investments is remarkable. His investment in Sarepta Therapeutics resulted in a gain of 2,539 percent in eight months. He made a 634 percent gain in his investment in Netflix because he realized the power and future of online video streaming.

When Mr. Mampilly became tired of the fast pace required on Wall Street he retired when he was 42. He now focuses on helping the mainstream Americans instead of the incredibly rich. He started writing Profits Unlimited in 2016 to find the stocks that would rise in value. Considering the amount of money his investors have made it is safe to say he has succeeded.

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