The Excellent Career And Stock Advice Of Investor Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly used to be a hedge fund manager and spent twenty years working on Wall Street. He was the winner of an investment competition in 2009 and created $88 million from a $50 million investment. This occurred during the time of the severe financial crisis.

Mr. Mampilly went to Banyan Hill Publishing to establish Profits Unlimited. He wanted to be a guide to show Americans how to make money on investment opportunities. He sends out a newsletter every month so he is able to recommend stocks to his subscribers. He provides updates and tracking information on his website. His subscribers are doing quite well with his recommended stocks.

Paul Mampilly has been featured on numerous newscasts and in many articles. He takes his experience, skill and knowledge from Wall Street to help 60,000 subscribers with stock information. Although he was born in India his career started after he came to the United States. He looked to Wall Street and quickly joined the ranks. In 1991 he was an assistant researcher with Deutsche Bank. Shortly afterwards he was in charge of multimillion dollar accounts.

The Kinetics International Fund recruited him for a hedge fund valued at $6 billion. His leadership caused a dramatic upswing in the assets of the firm and caused him to be named as one of the best hedge fund managers in the world. His history regarding his personal investments is remarkable. His investment in Sarepta Therapeutics resulted in a gain of 2,539 percent in eight months. He made a 634 percent gain in his investment in Netflix because he realized the power and future of online video streaming.

When Mr. Mampilly became tired of the fast pace required on Wall Street he retired when he was 42. He now focuses on helping the mainstream Americans instead of the incredibly rich. He started writing Profits Unlimited in 2016 to find the stocks that would rise in value. Considering the amount of money his investors have made it is safe to say he has succeeded.

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