Success Academy

Success Academy is the largest network of free public charter schools in New York City. They were founded in 2006, and now have 46 locations and over 15 thousand students. Enrollment is open to anyone and students are selected for admittance by an annual lottery.

Success Academy schools are primarily comprised of students of minority low-income families. 76 percent of their students come from low-income households and over 93 percent are of African-American or Hispanic descent. Success Academy was ranked in the top ten for highest test scores in the city for English, Mathematics, and Science.

Success Academy is now sharing their learning model and curriculum for free via an open portal. The material covers courses for kindergarten through fourth grade currently, and there are plans in development for releasing subject material for fifth through eighth grades. The free portal also provides guides and educational tools for teachers as part of their free resource.

In the classroom, Success Academy uses a personalized approach to learning. The teacher is only in front of the class as a whole for 80 minutes per day. The rest of the time, students are instructed individually, or in small groups. The curriculum is designed to start preparing students for college success as soon as they are enrolled. The courses are developed using international standards for college preparedness. Success Academy offers elective courses such as chess, debate, dance, and robotics, as a means to promote creativity in students. Success Academy now has plans to begin offering prekindergarten education services as well.