Why Roberto Santiago is Committed to Manaira

Roberto Santiago has always tried his hardest to make sure that his mall is the best of the best. He has gone far above what anyone expected him to do and that has helped him to retain his spot as the number one mall owner in all of Brazil. He made sure that the mall would be successful by setting it up with safeguards against failure. He wanted to ensure that the mall would be the best and that it would be able to go through difficult economic times without the worry of the problems that come along with it. For the people who are in the different situations when they visit the mall, Roberto Santiago knew that this would be something that they could enjoy. He also knew that it would make sense for a lot of people who wanted to visit the mall and who saw a lot of value in it.


Like most malls, Roberto Santiago made sure that Manaira had the traditional entertainment options. There are theaters and arcades that people can visit when they are at the mall. These are great because they allow people to take a break and enjoy what the mall has to offer but he also put the event center into the top of the mall. He felt that this would be something that could help people enjoy the mall even more. It turned out to be a good decision because it is now the exact thing that defines Manaira and sets it apart from all of the other malls in the country.


After Roberto Santiago realized what a mall was going to be like, he realized that he had to do something about shopping. Now, he has cut exclusive deals with designers so that they only put their stores in that region into Manaira. By doing this, he has branded the mall as something that is extremely exclusive and people who visit the mall will realize that there is a lot to offer and there are things that they can enjoy when they are shopping in the mall.


While Manaira is one of the best and biggest malls in all of Brazil, Roberto Santiago knows that he has to keep trying to keep it modern. He is constantly focused on the growth of the mall and how he can bring improvements to the mall. It is what he has worked for throughout his entire career and what has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing things the right way. For Roberto Santiago to be able to make his mall the best, he has to grow with the trends and make the necessary changes to these trends.