Gregory Aziz the Man behind National Steel Car’s Success

Gregory James Aziz or just Greg James Aziz is the National Steel Car’s current CEO. Gregory J. Aziz graduated from the University of Western. From his childhood, Gregory J. Aziz’s residence is in Ontario. National Steel Car engineers and manufactures freight cars, their components, and parts. The company has a reputation as the leading manufacturer of freight cars in the entire North America. Gregory J. Aziz founded the company in 1912.


Since then, the firm has engineered automobiles that comply and also exceed the minimum standards of the railroad industry (AAR) and the customers. National Steel Car has an ISO certification. It is the only firm in the railway industry that has the certification. The company also has also been receiving regular awards for more than ten years now.


Gregory James Aziz says that National Steel Car continuously pursues excellence, works hard and considers the customers’ reviews hence it will surely retain its title as the leading railcar manufacturer. Customers continue to be loyal and supportive towards the company. Greg James Aziz’s firm also has strong relationships with its suppliers. Besides, the institution’s team commits making the company at the forefront by making the best automobiles.


The company prides itself in persistently improving the standards of cars manufactured because it has the experience and know-how of focusing its strengths towards efficiency. Greg James Aziz’s National Steel Car sticks to its central values that guide its operations. Gregory J Aziz dedicates the firm towards gaining the trust, partnership, and understanding of their customers. Therefore, the company will continue developing high-quality cars.


Gregory James Aziz said that they are also manufacturing tank cars in compliance with the safety regulations recently harmonized by the government of the US. Following Minister Raitt’s announcement regarding the harmonization of rail safety regulations, Greg J. Aziz commended the move saying that it was remarkably right that the government responded to the need for clarity on the safety regulations presented by the customers.


Gregory J. Aziz is also the CEO of National Industries, Inc. James Aziz was born in 1949. Greg Aziz attended Ridley College for some time before joining the Western University in Ontario. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Greg Aziz started his business career in 1971. James Aziz began his career with Affiliated Foods. During his time in the company, Greg Aziz helped the firm grow into a major importer of raw foods. Go To This Page for more Information.


James Aziz spent most of his time in the early 1990s in New York. He worked on multiple investments. In 1994, Greg Aziz purchased the National Steel Car from Dofasco. Gregory James Aziz transformed the company into the largest firm in the North American car industry.


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