Fabletics on Amazon

Kate Hudson has been instrumental in building Fabletics into a $250 million company, within a period of three years, and this is no mean achievement, especially in the fashion industry. Keep in mind that 20% of the industry’s e-commerce market is controlled by Amazon, yet she has been able to succeed. Fabletics uses the subscription mechanism to make sales. Imagine finding a brand that is convenient and pushes you to be healthy and fit, and all you needed to do to get it, was to subscribe. This is what Kate is doing to capture her target market.

Today, people do not only look at price and quality when they purchase a commodity. Brand recognition, customer experience, design, among other qualities, have a role to play in giving your product that cutting edge it requires for it to be competitive in the market. These traits now define you and your business. Just like Apple, Fabletic’s strategy is fruitful, seeing that the company is opening more stores in various parts of the country this year, to add on to the twenty-two that are currently open.

According to Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletic’s President, the secret is in coming up with a modern, high-value brand from the start. Through their membership model, they are able to offer personalized service to their clients and a reasonable price. It is easier to fulfill a need when you know exactly how the client wants the need to be fulfilled.

Fabletics clothes inspire women of all shapes, sizes and ages to be the best version of themselves and this is what makes the brand popular. Its designs are fashion-forward, and this athleisure brand finds itself at the top of the charts every time.

Kate Hudson is the kind of person who doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t believe in. You can easily picture her going to the gym in her Fabletics gear. She truly believes in the brand and what it stands for, and puts in a lot of hard work to see it succeed. Even when faced with challenges, Kate is always quick to come up with solutions. She has prioritized communication and customer service, and because of this, the company has grown significantly. They currently have 1.2 million members.

Kate Hudson loves Fabletics, but when asked what she would love to be remembered for, she said that she was proud of what she has been able to do business-wise, being an artist is what she truly loves.