Sheldon Lavin Grows OSI Group into a Leading Food Products Company

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of the OSI Group which is a leading worldwide food products supplier. OSI Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. The OSI Group is the umbrella organization for OSI Industries, LLC, and OSI International Foods. The company operates in seventeen countries, and it has more than seventy facilities. OSI Group offers service to the retail and food service industries. The company headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. The meat processing company provides bacon, pork, pizza, beef, and sausages to the food market. It also offers food safety and quality assurance services and food process engineering.

Sheldon Lavin studied finance and accounting and used the knowledge he gained in school to create a successful financial consulting company before joining Otto & Sons in late 1970’s. His consulting firm worked closely with food supply companies to secure funding for expansion. It is at this time that he was approached to work for the food products company in the capacity of the chief executive officer. By the 1980’s Sheldon Lavin gained 50% controlling stake and finally acquired full ownership when the last partner retired. Sheldon Lavin is also the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Centre and the Director of National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

During his leadership, Sheldon Lavin grew the firm from a small company owned business to a global leading food supplies company. The company grew both in terms of production and the workforce, and it has an estimate of more than 20,000 employees. The company is recognized as one of the top fifty private organizations in the world, and its revenue is estimated to be $6 billion.

Sheldon Lavin has committed his efforts towards growing the company for forty-three years now and has received several awards for the same. One of the most prestigious awards he has received is India’s Vision World Academy Award of the 2016 Global Visionary Award. The award rewards individuals who have made outstanding contributions to humanity through persistence and perseverance to achieve their dreams. Sheldon Lavin also received the Lifetime Achievement Award by RSM US LLP in 2015 for his commitment to service and the Chicago business community.

Sheldon Lavin is also recognized as a philanthropic leader. He has participated in a number of charitable activities like the Jewish United Fund, Evan Scholarship, and the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Apart from growing his company, Sheldon Lavin is also committed to promoting the well-being of the surrounding community and the society at large.

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