Meet Sheldon Lavin; the CEO of OSI Group

OSI Group is the leading company that specializes in food and meat processing. To lead such a company one needs great skills and high-quality leadership. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the food and meat processing company, and he has been very influential at the global food processing giant. OSI Group specializes in protein products that are supplied to many food services companies in over 16 countries. The journey has not been easy, but with proper strategies and investments, OSI Group has made it this far.

Sheldon Lavin is highly educated as he holds a degree in Finance and Accounting. He joined OSI group around 1970 when it was Otto & Sons Company. He was a financial consultant by then and never wanted to be a partner. He continued to help the company with financial assistance as well as financial advice. Around 1975, Sheldon decided to partner with the Otto $ Sons Company, and they worked hard to look for investments. Over time the company grew, and it is currently the leading food and meat processing company in the world.

With his great leadership, Lavin has helped the OSI Group in the accomplishment of many of its set goals. The company has acquired many companies in the food processing industry. Many of these acquisitions have helped OSI in expanding its activities globally. Also, Sheldon has ensured that OSI Group products are of high quality and safe for human consumption. He has also made sure the company uses high technology in all of its processing plants to increase productivity as well as improving quality of the food and meat products.

Sheldon Lavin makes sure that the company employs individuals that are highly trained. This has been very instrumental in the company’s success. These individuals are used to manage specific plants in different countries. Sheldon ensures the company works closely with their clients to ensure they develop high-quality products that customers prefer. This ensures OSI Group products find ready market thus making huge sales.

Sheldon has received many awards as result of his excellence at OSI Group. He received Global Visionary Award in 2016. This award was presented to him as a result of job growth and making OSI Group an international powerhouse. He has also helped the company get environmental and sustainability awards. OSI Group currently has over 55 food processing facilities in over 16 countries globally thanks to Sheldon Lavin. He is still confident that the company with continue to expand while providing high-quality meat and food products.