Stream Energy-Cut Down On Energy Wastage

Stream Energy is a private provider of energy and wireless technology services. It was found in 2004 after deregulation of Texas energy market. It was licensed as an American natural gas and retail electricity company.


The founders were Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. It has been using a multilevel marketing strategy to reach more customers. Most of the Stream Energy services are available across the United States except electricity which is only sold to some deregulated markets.


Its operation started officially in 2005 through the initial enrolment of Texas electricity users. It has since expanded to serve areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Washington DC. They have been improving their services to treat customers like friends and family. They hope that this will set them apart from the competitors. The change of operations is enacted through its independent associates. As part of this goal, they run a blog that educates their customers on various aspects of energy use. Recently, they released an article on how to cut the energy consumption and bills.


At one time or the other, one will be surprised by an energy bill that is higher than anticipated (HighTechChronicle). In most cases, one will expect an average energy bill with small variations. However, a sudden rise can point that power is getting lost somewhere or there has been a misappropriation of energy. One needs to consider the hidden costs of the household gadgets. They are deemed as hidden costs since they are not obvious and are not incurred during active use of the gadgets. When devices are plugged, they still use energy even if they are not being used.

The energy used by such a device may not be high but consider that you have several of them that you are not using at any time but they are plugged into the power source. Over time, they will add to higher costs.


If you shut the coffee maker, for instance, you will save a dollar per year. Cutting power to the DVR will save you $36.80 for the year. If this does not seem much, you will save $130 annually by unplugging the entire entertainment system.

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