How Nathaniel Ru Conquered The American Healthy Food Industry

Nathaniel Ru graduated from the University of McDonough in 2007. Nathaniel earned his degree from the local University of Georgetown. In 2007, Nathaniel and his friends graduated from the same institution and went on to found Sweetgreen. The primary focus when starting up Sweetgreen was to create a sustainable and seasonal kitchen.

Affordability and the being able to outsource the kitchen’s produce locally was also a significant concern for Sweetgreen. Nathaniel and his now partners decided to set up Sweetgreen’s first outlet at the center of Georgetown.

The need to provide the local Georgetown community with organic, healthy, eco-friendly, affordable and delicious cuisines was the primary reason Nathaniel chose to develop Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen’s mantra (food that fits) bears testament to the company’s mission.

Sweetgreen believes in the provision of healthy and tasty foods that don’t break the budget while at the same time sticking to the community’s ideas is essential.

Since establishment, Sweetgreen has expanded its outlets to more than 27 states across America. The company sets to extend to the west coast, and plans for this have been underway as early as from 2015.

Sweetlife which prides itself as the prominent organizer and host for music and food festivals was established in 2010. Same as Sweetgreen, Sweetlife was co-founded by Nathaniel and his friends. More than 20,000 individuals participate in Sweetlife’s events, and the number is set on increasing significantly. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

A lot of glam characterizes the events. The music performances in Sweetlife’s functions are done by high profile and emerging musicians. When it comes to attendance, don’t think only party ravers show up. Celebrity chefs, food trucks not forgetting the local farmers are always in presence.

Both Sweetlife and Sweetgreen share the same ideology of healthy living, sustainability and the creation of ideal communities. When Sweetlife’s events come to an end, the carbon footprint they leave in the regions they carry out their activities is neutral.

As of now, Sweetlife has established 31 locations across various American states, and they are projecting to expand to more than 40 by the end of the year. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Looking at Nathaniel’s journey to success, the two characteristics you will immediately notice is a great sense of entrepreneurial skills and Ingenuity.

It is quite unimaginable that while staying in his campus quarters, Nathaniel would soon run one of Americas futuristic and brightest startups. Nathaniel’s has raised more than $95 million in funding for his startup.