Brazilian Law Guru, Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of those respected lawyers from Brazil who have invested their time, skills and expertise towards making Brazil a law-abiding country. He has been on the frontline familiarizing himself with the laws of the land.

He happens to be the director of the famous Fagali Advocacy and has been highly recognized for his professionalism and high levels of integrity in his legal career. He is a very specialized lawyer with great and massive proficiency in Anti-corruption and Public law whereby he specializes in administrative contracts, urban law, public civil actions, civil and administrative liability processes, regulatory law, popular actions and also expropriation actions. He happens to be a very famous lawyer and have vast experience in the legal industry.

Bruno Fagali also happens to have been appointed by Nova as their corporate Integrity Manager and has a lot of experience in the leadership fraternity. It is also crucial to note that the great lawyer has been able to pass crucial tests before qualifying to become a great Brazil lawyer. Brazil has a population of 26,000 qualified lawyers and 33% of them are usually based in Sao Paulo. Bruno has been able to penetrate in the industry so well and has been on the frontline working for the company’s progress. Bruno has been working towards ensuring that he becomes a great lawyer. In order for one to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil, he has to undergo serious training. At the beginning, he is required to possess a bachelor’s degree in law from a recognized university and then he is required to go through a school of law whereby he is supposed to undergo thorough training so that he can pass the bar exam.

Bruno Fagali has spent his early years perfecting his skills and has been working with working with various companies as an intern. He later got a chance to work with the famous Calil, Radi and Associados advocacia before he thought of establishing the famous Fagali advocate. Bruno pursued a bachelor’s degree in law from the famous Pontifical Catholic University that is located in Sao Paulo.

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