US Money Reserve Looks to Help Lead Hurricane Recovery Efforts

In the late summer of 2017, the massive Hurricane Harvey hit parts of Texas which caused a lot of devastation. As a result, many communities were negatively altered due to damaged homes, flooding and displaced residents. While the effects of this storm have been quite significant, help has been present since the aftermath. A couple of the most notable organizations in Texas have looked to help provide aid in the recovery efforts. These two organizations are the Austin Disaster Relief Network and US Money Reserve. Together they are looking to help provide support and guidance to those who have been most affected by the hurricane. With their support, a number or residents will be in position to overcome the devastating effects of this recent storm. Learn more:


In a recent announcement, the executives that are in charge of running both organizations have said that they are fully committed to aiding Texas and its residents with the recovery efforts. Since a number of people in the local area work for US Money Reserve, the organizations are very motivated to help the victims of the hurricane get their lives back in order. The executives said that the storm hit them hard personally when the found out that some of their employees have been affected by the storm. As a result, US Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network are looking to rebuild communities across Texas that have been devastated by the storm.


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