Elysium Health Develops Supplement to Help People Support Their Health

The nutraceutical industry has gained a reputation for not always following the most rigorous means of testing and validating its products. This reputation is not wholly undeserved. One of the greatest strengths of the industry for the companies within it is its lack of strict regulations. But this is also one of the supplement industry’s greatest weaknesses, as it opens the door for potentially ineffective or falsely advertised products.

Elysium Health is Changing the Game

But there is one company—Elysium Health—that has vowed to show the world what the supplement industry can be. Founded by MIT aging researcher Leonard Guarente, Elysium Health has more than 30 world-class scientists on its advisory board. The company was founded on the idea of bringing the similar level of scientific rigor in research, development and validation that is associated with more science-based industries, such as medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Guarente has long seen a huge opportunity in the gap that persists between the state of aging research and the products that are currently available. Because of the onerous process involved in getting drugs approved by the FDA and finally made available to the public, Guarente saw that there were big opportunities in creating supplement products using compounds found in nature. Not only would this shorten the time it takes to bring a product to market, but it would also enable health-boosting supplements to be made available to the public at large.

Backed by Science

Elysium Health’s first product, a nutritional supplement known as Basis, is one of the first products to harness the research that aging researchers have known for decades. Guarente himself frequently points out the gap between the state of actual science and what is widely known by the public in the area of aging research.

Basis, which uses two molecules to allow the body to more easily synthesize a crucial coenzyme called NAD+, takes advantage of this body of knowledge in a product that has proven effectiveness at increasing overall NAD+ levels. As we age, our NAD+ levels tend to decrease, thus affecting the cellular processes it is involved in. Basis increases these levels, which was proven in a clinical trial earlier this year. In the trial, NAD+ levels rose up to 40% in those who took the supplement for four weeks.

You can purchase Basis on Elysium Health’s website. There are various subscription plans available, or you can buy one-months’ worth for $60.