Manaira Shopping Mall: A Gift By Roberto Santiago To His Community

Roberto Santiago grew up in Joao Pessoa, a Brazilian city. He began his business career by starting a cartonnage company at very young age, manufacturing and designing cardboard folding cartons which were used by some companies. In 1989 Roberto moved on to real estate business as he bought a land in Joao Pessoa and then established Manaira Shopping Mall, one of the crown jewels in João Pessoa. He attended Pio X-Marist College and earned a degree in Business Administration from the University Center.

Roberto Santiago built Manaira Mall in such a way that it became the largest mall in João Pessoa, a Brazilian state, and one of the biggest in all of Brazil. The construction of a mall began in 1987 and took a couple of years till its completion. Manaira Mall usually features different shopping options, a large food court, a theater, a rooftop concert hall, a fitness center, a huge gaming area, banks, and even a college. The mall became a daily place to visit and have fun for the residents of João Pessoa.

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The entertainment options that are available at Santiago’s mall include a theater which features a large gaming area and shows latest shows. Gaming area has an alley for bowling as well as an equipped electronic amusement park. The food court in Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall expanded recently and now offered chains of different restaurants that fit for people who have different type budget. The food offered there usually range from high-end dining to fast food fare at restaurants like Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and Espaço Gourmet.

Domus Hall in Manaira Shopping Mall is an attraction for singers. It’s an air-conditioned concert hall situated on the roof top of the Shopping mall. It inaugural has been done in November 2009 and has a capacity of approximately eight thousand people. In addition to the different type of music concerts, this hall hosts fairs, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, events and receptions in general.

The shopping experience at Manaira Shopping Mall has something for everyone. In that mall, you can find clothing, jewelry, furniture, books, sports gear and almost everything. Along with fitness center and banks, the mall houses, the Higher Education College. So, you may find student and faculty staff walking in college timings.

Santiago took years to develop a Manaira Mall that can become an attraction for people throughout the region for entertainment, shopping, and food choices. After his Domus Hall construction, the city has been able to attract music groups who are talented, both Brazilian in addition to global talent, which otherwise may not have come. Roberto has done what he thought needed for his city and he has given back cultural experiences to his community which they would never have obtained. Read more about the mall on