EOS: A Firm With a Fun Product

There is an interesting article on the Fast Company website about how fledgling company Evolution of Smooth (EOS, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) has created a line of lip balm products that have become the choice of the younger, trend-setting generation in the past few years. The story of the firm’s success shows how a new product can be created and do well even when most people don’t even see a market for it.

Traditionally, the lip balm market was dominated by Chapstick, but EOS lip balm figured out that – although the brand has sold well for years – consumers, especially women, weren’t all that happy with it. For starters, the cylindrical Chapstick tubes often got lost in purses and when found were frequently covered with lint. Furthermore, Chapstick had an antiseptic taste that women associated with medicine rather than fun.

Therefore, EOS lip balm created a product that was designed to appeal to women. They changed the clunky cylinder shape to an elegant round one that opens and closes with a smooth and pleasant-sounding click, and they replaced the mouthwash taste with a fruity one. Basically, they crafted a product that worked as well or better than Chapstick and was much more aesthetically pleasing in every way. EOS lip balm did well from the start – the celebrity endorsements that it attracted didn’t hurt – and promises to do so well into the future. Today the products are available on major retail stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and Costco.